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How do I enable a page builder role in Magento 2?

How do I enable a page builder role in Magento 2?

I only see Page builder with full admin privilege. Lower level user do not see Page Builder at all. Is there a way to enable it? What is user role we need to select?


Re: How do I enable a page builder role in Magento 2?

Magento Page Builder is available with versions starting from 2.4.3 for the commerce editions. 

So if you are using the latest version, you can assign the user role with limited access and permissions.

To enable a page builder role in Magento 2 with limited access, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel with an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to "System" in the main menu and select "User Roles" under the "Permissions" section.
  3. Click on the "Add New Role" button to create a new role for the page builder.
  4. In the "Role Information" section, provide a descriptive Role Name for the new role (e.g., "Page Builder").
  5. In the "Role Resources" tab, scroll down and expand the "Content" section.
  6. Here, you will find the "Magento Page Builder" option. Check the box to grant access to the page builder functionality.
  7. You can also select additional resources and permissions according to the desired level of access for the page builder role.
  8. Once you have selected the appropriate resources, click on the "Save Role" button to save the changes.

When you assign a user to the newly created "Page Builder" role, they will have access to the page builder functionality while being restricted from other admin privileges.

Also, please note that the specific user role required may vary depending on the Magento version and any customizations you may have made. 

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Re: How do I enable a page builder role in Magento 2?

Here are the steps to enable a page builder role in Magento 2 with user roles:

1. Log into the Magento 2 Admin panel.

2. Go to System > User Roles. Click on Add New Role.

3. Give the role a name like "User 2" and set the Role Resources to "Custom". Click on Save Role.

4. Now edit the role and go to Role Resources. Expand the Content section and select the following:

- CMS Page > Full Access
- Widget > Read-Only Access
(Set according to your requirement)

5. Expand Stores and select:

- All Store Views > Read-Only Access

6. Expand Content > Elements and select:

- Blocks > Full Access

7. Expand Content > Pages and select:

- Pages > Full Access

8. Expand Content > Widgets and select:

- Widget Instance > Full Access

9. Click on Save Role. Now go to System > User Roles and edit the admin role. Expand Content and deselect "Pages" so the admin does not have full access to CMS pages anymore.

10. Create a new user and assign the "User 2" role to them. This user will now be able to create and edit CMS pages with the page builder but not edit other content.

That covers the main steps to create a restricted page builder role in Magento 2. Let me know if you have any other questions!