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How to Sync Magento with I-Vend

How to Sync Magento with I-Vend

Hello, I am having a problem with integration i think. i am using Magento 2 for a customer friendly online application and the data should be integrated with another tool Called (I-Vend).

The correct scenario is: if the customer registered in I-vend using the phone number, the data should reflect in Magento and the customer will be registered automatically in Magento.


What Is happening now: if the customer is registered with the phone number in I-vend, he has to activate his account on Magento , Enter his email address and reset the password.

other wise every time he will try to open his account in Magento, the tool will ask him to create an account, when he tries to create the account using the same phone number which is pre registered in I-vend, he will receive this message (This Account is registered)


knowing that i am new to Magento, using an extension and i am not a developer.

Thank you In advance  Smiley Happy