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How to change attribute scope?

How to change attribute scope?



I created attribute with Global scope for my one website. Then I created new website and decided to hide this attribute.

But w then I am trying to change attribute scope from Global to Website (or Store View) I get the error:

Do not change the scope. This attribute is used in configurable products.


I have a lot of products that use this attribute.

Is it possible to change attribute scope without deleting products?






Re: How to change attribute scope?



If so, make the field "Scope" not changeble after attribute saving.

Currently it is drop down field and user can select desired value but cant save attribute.



Re: How to change attribute scope?

Are there experts or not?

Re: How to change attribute scope?

Hello Boris.


Actually for configurable products only attributes with scope global can be used -

If you change the scope for attribute used in configurable products, it might break those configurables.

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