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How to create configurable product with accessories?

How to create configurable product with accessories?

Hello forum users, I do hope you will excuse a stupid question from a new Magento user.

It is third night I spent on the problem which seems to be unsolvable for me.

Lets say I sell cars in 3 sizes: small, medium and big. Every car has one relevant steering wheel to be sold with it. Steering wheel can made of gold, silver and platinum. Small car works only with small steereing wheels, medium car with medium ones etc. It is also possible to buy cars and steering wheels separately as they are separate items in shop catalogue.

My question is – how can I filter them in a logical way on a product page?

I mean, when user opens product page he should have:

- one filter to choose the size of car,

- second to choose one of the steering wheels which is correct for the car size. (ie when he chooses medium car, he should have only medium wheels in gold, platinum and silver to take). There also should be a choice of not adding a wheel at all (I wonder how he can drive)

And this is the problem...

If I used Configurable Product I the price of the wheel would not add to the price of the car, but replaces it. So I would have to create virtual products for all possible product combinations (ie small car with no wheel, small car with gold wheel...) and manually calculate the prices for each of them.

Bundle Product partly solves my case, as I can add steering wheels to set but unfortunatelly it is not configurable so I can not give users the option to choose the size of the car. I must sell each size of the car separately.

Maybe picture will better explain what I try do achieve.

Is it possible to do with Magento or maybe you heard about Extensions which can help?

Thank you in advancemagento cards filter.jpg