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How to find the "How to ..." section

How to find the "How to ..." section

Hi Magento Masters,

Newbie here with a stupid question.


I thought I had all the possible boxes ticked and everything accounted for and then I get "Coupon code is XYZ not valid" in my shopping cart.


I see this question asked over and over, but no simple instructions or a process on how to resolve.

Unfortunately lots of expert speak that I cannot understand.


Anybody seen an instruction manual or good tutorials for v1.9.2.1 or somethings close?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to find the "How to ..." section



Here is manual with examples of most popular shopping cart price rules -


Also there is the one that explains what to check if the coupon does not apply -


To point to you the right direction, maybe you can specify conditions of coupon you are trying to create?

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