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How to set in Attribute multi text field

How to set in Attribute multi text field

Dear Friend ,


Need Help


my Product is Diamond Ring and i want to Show All Detail in Front View,


For Example


Gold - 18 Kt Yellow Gold Rs. 2,184/gm 3.21 gms Rs. 7,011 Rs. 6,660
IJ-SI Round - 18 Nos. Rs. 65,000/ct 0.052 ct Rs. 3,380 Rs. 3,211
IJ-SI Round - 12 Nos. Rs. 65,000/ct 0.082 ct Rs. 5,330 Rs. 5,064
IJ-SI Round - 2 Nos. Rs. 65,000/ct 0.017 ct Rs. 1,105 Rs. 1,050
Making Charges   Rs. 2,086 Rs. 1,982
TAX   Rs. 189 Rs. 180
Discount -5%     Rs. 18,146
Grand Total   Rs. 19,101 Rs. 18,146
(You save 5%)


Please Check Bold  figure i want like this how I insert Data In admin area .


Re: How to set in Attribute multi text field

Hi @chirag_jain,

I had to edit your post since it included your email address.

Please do not include personal information in your post.

Best regards.


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