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How to translate attribute set names

How to translate attribute set names



Can someone please explain how to translate attribute set names? For example, if I create an attribute set with the name "Toys", how can I translate "Toys" to other languages for different store views? 


Location of where to ad the translations would be great, I have not seemed to find anything about this after searching on google, only attributes which can be done for each store but not attribute sets.


Thanks in advance.


Re: How to translate attribute set names

Hi @m2newbie,



The attribute set names are for internal reference in the Magento admin panel to create your products and organize your catalog. That means that those names are not visible for the customer in the front-end.


The attributes and values can be translated to different languages depending to the store view.



Best regards.


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Re: How to translate attribute set names

Hi @Gabriel,

Thanks for the quick response.

I have a marketplace setup with different store views and I would like to translate my attribute sets for the following functionality.

The reason for this is for scenario as such as this: A French seller wants to add a product and can only speak French, when they are adding a new product, they have to select an attribute set for the product so they won't know which attribute set to pick as it can only be in English at the moment.

How would I translate all attribute set names in this case so the French seller can know which attribute set to pick based on the translated attributes sets for a French store view for example when adding a new product?

Is this possible? If so, can you direct me on how to achieve this please?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: How to translate attribute set names

Anyone, please?


Can anyone provide some information on this? Is this possible or not, just looking for a link for some guidance or any further details on this?


Appreciate your help in advance.



Re: How to translate attribute set names

@m2newbie how @Gabriel Guarino said it's a internal reference. How Attribute Sets are internals and Magento isn't out of the box a Marketplace, there is no need to customize Attribute Sets label for each storeview as is in Attribute. A 'quickly' workaround in your situation is create multiples Attributes Sets with the same configurations, and just change the name for each language you want. It will be a hard work if you have many Attribute Sets. Or you can look for a customization in Attribute Sets to change it label for each storeview, but I never heard about it. 


Hope it helps.

Re: How to translate attribute set names

Go Stores -> Attributes -> Product and create attribute with type swatch (text or visual) and with that attribute you can add different attribute label/value titles for different store views. 

Re: How to translate attribute set names

@KarlaSa Thanks for the reply but that is for the actual "Attributes", am speaking of the "Attribute Sets" which the attributes are added to.


@marcoacoliveira Thanks for the response but it does not necessarily have to apply for a marketplace. What if different admins with different store views (Not stores or Web sites) need to add products and they need the attribute sets translated so they can administer attribute sets etc.?


@Gabriel Guarino Same as above, how is this accommodated for other admins who need to administer the attribute sets and their native language is not the default setting and need the attributes set being translated for administration purposes in the backend without having to create more attribute sets in their native language and a single attribute set for example needs to be used?


Thanks for your input and guidance in advance.