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Import customer data and sales history

Import customer data and sales history


I am migrating server but i'll be changing a lot on my site, but i want to keep information such as customer and sales data. What tables do i need to migrate to do this? It was done for me before but they person who did it used his own script so i dont now what he did.


I will be going to and from the same Magento version (2.4.5). I can export all tables as separate files, i just need to know which tables to import.

I know the product ID associated with the order history will be wrong, i can alter this after the import.

I assume its going to be every table starting with "customer_", "sales_" "stripe_" (I use stripe to take payments).

What are the "sequence_" tables for and do i need them? Will the order number be set properly after importing the sales tables so it carries on from where it was?