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Importing tablerates.csv Issue


Re: Importing tablerates.csv Issue

@Damian Culotta, @Rakesh Jesadiya and @df2k2, all of you have collectively been very helpful in resolving this issue. And I'm thankful.

Re: Importing tablerates.csv Issue

Hi @FlamyTech,

I've created a simple module to install the Nigeria regions.

The list of regions was copied from Wikipedia:


And now you can get the module from Github:


Or you can install it using Composer:


Maybe this won't work for your current project but for others in the future.

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Re: Importing tablerates.csv Issue

@Damian Culotta, thanks a lot for your time and input.


I've solved the problem by creating the necessary CSV files and importing them into the database and after that, import the tablerates.csv into the Magento admin panel.