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Incorrect UPS shipping cost

Incorrect UPS shipping cost

Magento store UPS Shipping, facing some issues:

1) When i purchase an item from store and selected UPS shipping, calculated UPS shipping cost against distance making some troubels. ie, our store shipping amount is less than actual UPS shipping amount for a selected distance.

2) We have product with UPS shipping cost $50, When i purchase single quantity, its rates is $50, But when i purchase same item with two quantity (2*50), facing issue in shipping cost, ie price became lower than 100.


Can you please give me a solution for above misbehavior of calculation.


Re: Incorrect UPS shipping cost

Are you using live feeds from UPS? 


Are you 100% sure it is incorrect? Have you checked the shipping price directly with UPS / on UPS website for shipping 1x and 2x of a product with same weight/dimensions to the same post code? 

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