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Inventory management tool , user level access


Inventory management tool , user level access

Hi , I am currently working on a magento 2 project in which i have integrated the store with a third party inventory management company Using Api Integration. I am planning to launch the Land of Coder marketplace on my store and i would want a seller level integration with that third party inventory management tool in which the a particular seller gets to see and manage only his products on the inventory management tool. Any ideas on how this can be achieved ? 


Re: Inventory management tool , user level access

Please ask for the same question to your third-party inventory management provider about your query whether they will given this type of functionality or not withing extension. Might be they provide same type of functionality for your extension.


If They do not provide this type of functionality then you need to customize your code based on seller user with advanced permission to access level of store admin panel.

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