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Lifetime Sales not accurate - New website

Lifetime Sales not accurate - New website



I've just made the switch from Opencart to Magento 2 and I'm really enjoying the upgrade so far. The developer used Cart2cart for the migration.


All the previous sales data appears to have imported correctly however the Lifetime Sales value does not consider the total of our previous sales on Opencart. I have tried the 'Reload data' button and also tried Refresh Statistics under Reports > Statistics however it hasn't helped.


Can someone please advise if it's possible to consider the sales totals from the previous website and if so, how could I go about fixing this?


Thank you


Re: Lifetime Sales not accurate - New website

Hello @idrees_shafique 

Did you check this thread?


If you have followed the above steps and if you still think there is a mismatch. You should know that lifetime sales shows based on the complete orders on Magento2. So it may not have considered other status of orders.

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Re: Lifetime Sales not accurate - New website

Yes, I did check the above thread but it didn't fix the issue.


I checked the order status of the imported orders and they are 'Complete'