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Logo source URL

Logo source URL

I have properly uploaded my Logo. Issue is it is uploading to what appears to be a default image source folder within the theme (Porto). (media/logo/stores/1/xx.png)

I have a custom folder ("media/wysiwyg/images) where I am keeping my logos, images etc. I am wanting to have the image uploaded to that folder and cannot figure how to get this to work.

Also I am wanting to add  my homepage url to the logo to where when clicking on it, it will bring you to the home page. (ex. <a href="" title="xxx">)


I have accomplished this on another theme in Magento 1 and cannot figure where to make these changes in M2





Re: Logo source URL

Hi @Media Bug,

Can you please elaborate which theme of Porto you are using in your Magento as every theme has its own configuration setting.

Please also check the link

Hope this will help you to sort your issue.


If this helps you please accept it as solution and give kudos.