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M2: BRAND as catalog NAVIGATION AND as FILTER option solution. COMMENTS requested.

M2: BRAND as catalog NAVIGATION AND as FILTER option solution. COMMENTS requested.

The goal is to use the product’s brand for the Layered navigation (Categories) , AND for the filtering of the products.

Yes…. Sure we know ... we can BUY plenty of MARKETPLACE solutions... :-))

BUT maybe that Magento2 support this feature almost by DESIGN… easily (more or less) ?

I would like to SHARE some IDEAS and PROCEDURES with you, ASKING

  • Is the underneath procedure right?
  • Is something missing ?
  • Is there e better approach ?


A simple EXAMPLE based on Luma demo shop, of the


Let’s say that all products sold in Luma demo shop are ONLY of Nike e Adidas brands (Sorry Reebook :-) )

1)Layered category navigation by brand:

  • We would like The MAIN top menu, to offer the categories [ BRAND, Woman, Man, Gear,…..]
  • When we choose Brand top Menu item, two brand items will apear (Nike, Adidas), and each of them will have underneath the “usual” categories [Woman, Man, Gear,…..]
  • Whit this navigation, the product showed under (eg) Brands→ ,Nike→ Woman→ Bottoms, will be Pants and Shorts ONLY from Nike

2)filtered selection by Brand

  • Selecting in the Main Menu: Woman→ Bottom [i.e. NOT starting with Brands], the shop will show us Pants and Short from all Brands. Filtering the Brand attribute by Nike or Adidas, we would filter/choose which brand to show



1) for LAYERED (Branded) Navigation

In Admin → Catalog → Categories,

  • Select the root category “Default Categoy”, and choose as Scope the “ All Store View” (if you have many websitse choose accordingly…)
  • Click “Add Subcategory” and create the “Brand” subcategory; then create underneath Brand the “Nike” and “Adidas” sub cagetories; finally recreate underneath all of them them, the “usual” category tree ( eg Woman , Man, Gear,…)

In Admin → System

  • finally reimport the products, giving each SKU, the additional new categories

As an example, lets say that the “Erika Running Short – Nike SKU WSH12” will belong to FOUR categories:

  • Brands/Nike/Woman/Bottom/Shorts
  • Woman/Bottom/Shorts
  • Brands/Nike/Woman/Bottom
  • Woman/Bottom

2) for FILTERED navigation

Give each product a new brand attribute or use the default Manufacturer attribute. We need to customize the attribute as:

Base Attribute Proprieties: Input Type as Visual Swatch (for logo and text brand) , and give “Manage Swatch” the two brand name (Nike, Adidas). Default Label “Brand”
Advanced Attribute Proprieties: Scope Global (website ?) ,Add to Column Options (yes), Use in Filter Options (yes)
Storefront Properties: Use in Search (yes) , Use in Layered Navigation (Filterable no Result), Visible on Catalog Pages on Storefront(yes), Used in Product Listing(yes), Used for Sorting in Product Listing(yes)

Flush chace, and reindex..

Is the right procedure ?
Is something missing ?
Is there e better approach ?

Please share some idea, or give some comments