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Magento 2.0.7 Admin URL missing

Magento 2.0.7 Admin URL missing

I am uning magento 2.0.7, To change the admin url I did this

open /admin 

store configuration>advance>admin>custom admin url

I turned it YES and type "alpha" in the box.  When I click on "save config" than I got 404 not found. 

After this I was unable to open my admin panel. I checked on env.php and I found 


return array (
'backend' =>
array (
'frontName' => 'admin',

My changes was not reflected there. I change the code 'frontName' => 'alpha', still I am unable to open my admin panel


I check from ssh my admin url it shows

[root@vp-119045 bin]# php magento info:adminuri

Admin URI: /admin


But I am unable to open my admin panel.


My domain name is


Please help me out

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Re: Magento 2.0.7 Admin URL missing

Hi @SUMIT619,



The process you followed is correct: The custom admin URL can be found in app/etc/env.php.


Besides that, you can also check the custom admin URL by running the following command in the Magento 2 command line tool:

bin/magento info:adminuri

That being said, this could be related to mod_rewrite not being enabled in your instance. As a result, you should prepend /index.php/ before the custom admin URL.


For example:



Best regards.


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