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[Magento 2.2.2] Table rates and maximum weight

[Magento 2.2.2] Table rates and maximum weight



I have the following issue:

I am configuring table rates using weight vs. destination policy. 

So, let 's assume that for UK I will have 3 different values:

weight 0-10 kg price 10 EUR

weight 11-20 kg price 20 EUR

weight 21-30 kg price 30 EUR


Now, if the weight of the order will be higher than 31kg it will always show 30EUR as it is the maximum price. Instead of that, do I have any possibility to display that this shipping method is unavailable?  


Do you have any ideas?






Re: [Magento 2.2.2] Table rates and maximum weight

Based on the documentation, I don't think that's possible with the built-in table rates functionality. You're better off using the matrix rates extension for this. 

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Re: [Magento 2.2.2] Table rates and maximum weight

For Native magento functionality, you cant do for more than 30kg weight is not allowed in shipping. you can set some rate for those weight or need to do customization.


You need to do a customization for your requirements or purchase third party extension which will helpful for your case.

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