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Magento 2 database crash


Magento 2 database crash

hi, everybody


I had a big trouble with Magento 2.


Saving a configuration parameter form the admin panel the database went completly corrupted and I had to recreate the database and restore data from backup (luckely it was recent) But this was serious, because I can't trust the system.


The system is a ubuntu 14 vps with 4 cores and 8gb ram, it seems to be enough to host a mid size Magento installation.


So how I can configure MySQL to avoid future problems? There are some tools to test if MySQL installation is ok?


Many thanks



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Re: Magento 2 database crash

Try to reproduce the problem.

If you will achieve it then report the bug on GitHub:

But the more probably it is not a Magento error. May be it is a storage hardware error (e.g. bad sectors on the disk).

Re: Magento 2 database crash

I cant't reproduce the problem, and I hope it will not occur again.


I'm sure it will happen during a Magento writing, but I agree that probably Magento don't cause it.


The machine is a VPS that should have RAID disks. Well if the fragility will continue I will change provider.


Thanks a lot.


Re: Magento 2 database crash

@claudiodriussi: Just to clarify that RAID itself will not stop corruption (it also depends on what RAID setup you use). 


For example with RAID 1 which mirrors the two drives, any corrupted files on one drive will be mirrored to the other drive and both copies of data will be exactly the same. It is only useful when one of the drive dies as the backup drive can take over the job without much issues. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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