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Magento 2 multi site and businesses - confused!

Magento 2 multi site and businesses - confused!

Hi all,


I just can't wrap my head around this so I'm hoping someone can guide me.


I have a print and design business that uses magento 2. We have a main commercial site/store and a separate store where we sell our own products to end consumers. It works because it's all under the same company/brand.


I've now started a new business which focuses on a very specific printing niche. The website has been set up using squarespace (not my decision). I'm wondering if I can bring this new business website in under the existing magento 2 installation. I understand you can have multiple domains, sites, stores etc but it will run from the same database. My concern is that since it's two separate businesses with separate bank accounts that this will cause confusion with sales and customer data. 


Re: Magento 2 multi site and businesses - confused!

From development and code perspective it can be done easily for sure.


From the business perspective, especially if not all the owners are the same, I wouldn't put the new business on the same instance of Magento. I'd recommend spinning up a separate instance for it.


But to be 100% sure what would be the best cause of action in your specific case, a lot of information would need to be considered that we currently don't have.

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Re: Magento 2 multi site and businesses - confused!

Thanks for the reply! The owners are all the same and it's the same production hub/office. The new business is purely because there is a demand for a particular service and I want to be able to push it separately towards one particular market keeping the message and products clean and simple. Some of the products can be listed on the sites of both businesses too so I feel like perhaps this might work well. What I don't want is to spend all the time building out the site then find there is an issue and have to do everything again.