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Magento Connect Manager does not prompt

Magento Connect Manager does not prompt

hey all,


i'm trying to install the hebrew language pack with the instructions from this link:


however magento connect manager does not prompt as it says in step 5.


what am i missing?


thank in advanced


Re: Magento Connect Manager does not prompt

Hi @ArielDahan


Please revisit the url it is updated now. (After I reported it.)


Till now there are no language packs on the magento connect for the magento 2.0. All those are listed have to be configured or downloaded from the specific vendors website.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Magento Connect Manager does not prompt

Hi -- and thanks so much for responding to this. As soon as I saw it, I updated the topic and temporarily removed the instructions, which were really a holdover from M1 that slipped through the cracks.  (Sorry about that!)  Language packs for M2 are currently in development and as soon as they become available, I'll update the instructions and restore them to the topic  From what I understand, we should expect the first M2 language packs sometime later in Q2.  However, you can still translate store content such as product and category descriptions, CMS pages, and blocks  for each view.


You can also use the Inline Translator to touch up individual strings of text in the UI of the storefront.  We'll soon have a topic for that in the user guide, as well. You can find it in the configuration under Advanced > Developer.