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Magento Restore

Magento Restore


I am pretty new to Magento (ver 2.3.5) and have had a look online to see how I can restore a full system backup. I tried like other newcomers to restore via the admin panel - but I receive a backup restore failed message. I have a full system backup, and I can see inside the compressed tgz backup file that the code is all there, and the sql database is in the public_html/var  directory.



1. What can I do to restore the backup file via the admin panel - given this failed.

Some suggest I have to set file/directory permissions. But, then they have to be set back. What is the way forward here - step by step?


2. What command line can I use to restore both the code and database. For example, if the backup name is backup.tgz, how do I restore both the code and database in one line from that compressed file. Or do I have to use 2 separate commands, 1 for code restore, and 1 for the sql file restore?

What would the command line be here?

Again, what do I have to look out for regarding file permissions, so that the command line restore will work?


I don't mind the answer being spelt out to me - as I prefer all the steps, rather than assuming I know what should be known about backups and restores and directory permissions.


Thank you







Re: Magento Restore

  1. Go to the Backups menu in the Admin panel
  2. Select the necessary backup file you wish to restore and click on the Rollback link
  3. After that you will receive the system warning. Tap Ok to proceed with the rollback
  4. Fill in your User password and put the store into the maintenance mode by ticking the corresponding box
  5. Click the Ok button to start the rollback

These are not the only methods to backup and restore the Magento database but certainly the easiest ones.

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Re: Magento Restore

Thanks, but I receive a backup restore failed message.

What is the way forward here - do i have to worry about file permissions or is something causing the failure?



Also, with the command line option, do I have to worry about file permissions?