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Magento currency major issue on paypal payment

Magento currency major issue on paypal payment


We have a major problem with our Magento 2.1.0 version and payment with Paypal website payments pro


We manually adopted all settings in CE 2.1 with CAD $ as currency Here is the configuration summary:

default config:

base currency: CAD-$

Default display

allowed currency: CAD-$

catalog price scope: website



All prices on the website are in CAD-$, if a customer select a product and try to do a checkout, he will have his summary in CAD-$ and if he pays he will have in CAD-$ BUT when he pays his order, he's supposed to pay the amount in CAD-$ but he's charged in USD-$ which is really different ! his invoice appear in CAD-$ but on the paypal account, the customer paid in USD (for example buying a product 150CAD, the customer is charged on his card 150USD) 

The paypal account is configured with CAD as the primary currency. I spoke with the integration team of paypal, they receive the USD currency from the cart !


How can I find or modify this currency to make sure we use CAD$ and charge the same ?


Does someone has the same issues ?