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Make SKU Not Unique On Global Scope

Make SKU Not Unique On Global Scope

Is there a way to make the SKU attribute unique on a website level instead of a global level?


Currently I am looking into an Advanced Permissions plug in, which will allow me to create sub-admins that only have permissions to view and change things connected to one website associated with them. 

Because of this, I don't want SKUs to be unique on a global level. I would like sub-admins to be able to create products for their store and assign it a SKU that may by chance be the same as a different sub-admin's product for a different store. 


The current workaround I'm thinking of implementing is to basically make the SKU irrelevant by creating, say, a "SKU Identifier" attribute which is unique on a website level and will act as the true SKU. This is not ideal though, because it is possible for someone to accidently input the same SKU as someone else and see an error, therefore informing them of the SKU of someone else's product, which seems like a security flaw. It also has the complication of having to inform everyone not to rely on the SKU but on the SKU Identifier attribute instead. 


I have looked into simply forcibly making the SKU website-level, but I've read on stackexchange and the like that doing so will lead to bugs and conflicts with aspects of Magento that rely on unique SKUs. Same thing for making SKU optional.

Is there another, more viable workaround, or a safer way to make the SKU unique on a website scope?


Re: Make SKU Not Unique On Global Scope



did you find a way to set up unique SKU's on website level rather than global? I have the same requirement with the same background.