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Mass Importing Attributes + Applying to correct SKU?

Mass Importing Attributes + Applying to correct SKU?

I have a MS Access database with around 25,000 items in it that I'm using to build my .csv to import into Magento 2.1.5.  So far it's going fine, but I have one large issue with product attributes.  


Each of the 25,000 SKUs has at least 4 attributes.  There are about 270 unique attributes and the attribute values are almost all unique.  Here is a screenshot of a section of my database attribute query.  You can see that this one product has 12 different attributes.





My question is, how can I import all of these features so I can assign them in my .csv for the product import?  They have to be created before the import and can't be added on the fly during it, and since I have so many, I can't easily do this manually.  


Also, if possible it would be nice to be able to assign these attributes to the correct product with just a simple import.  Meaning I would import all my products without attributes, and then import an attribute file like in the picture above, and it would assign the correct attributes and values to the SKU listed on the left.  


If this isn't possible with vanilla CE.  Are there any extensions that can do this well?  I've seen a few that might, but I wanted to see if I could get some recommendations.


Thanks for the help.