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Migration error: XML invalid

Migration error: XML invalid

I need some help, when I do a migration with migration tool from magento 1.9.1 to magento 2, I got an error message: "Migration.ERROR: Migration tool exception: XML file is invalid. [] []", I was edit the config.xml already with source version = 1.9.1 and destination version = and also delete .dist extension from all xml files inside data-migration-tool folder. Then I perform php migration --config=<path-to-config.xml>, and got this error message, can anyone help me?


Re: Migration error: XML invalid

Hi, did you ever figure out the answer to this?  I'm currently facing the same issue.

Re: Migration error: XML invalid

I ran into this error and I got it resolved. Within the xml file, there is a reference to a .xsd that defines what the schema of the xml should be. In my case, i ran into the error when carrying out settings migration. So the settings.xsd schema has the definition.

Copy the entire xml and paste in an xml validation website. In my case, i used:

It will prompt you to copy the referenced .xsd file and paste in as well.

Doing this pointed to entries that had "-" in it. The .xsd file did not expect entries with a "-" as it broke the wildcard regex.

I solved it by removing those entries and replacing them with a wildcard instead. 

For Example


I replaced the entry with ewcartreminder*


Hope this helps someone.