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Missing Admin Module configuration?


Missing Admin Module configuration?



Magento . 2.2.1 

Am I correct to assume that Module setting in magento admin has been removed ?

I used to be able to turn on and off some modules from Configuration > Advance section of magento admin , but that section is no longer available. after search on the net , all articles point to either using command line or modifying files in Vendor folder of admin to do that. 

I just want to confirm this , to make sure  i am not missing files during magento installation upgrade. 

Thanks. s

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Re: Missing Admin Module configuration?

Yes, You are correct.


From Magento Version 2.2.*

Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Advanced Section 

removed. You cant disable module from Admin panel now.


You can disable module using app/etc/config.php file or using command line.

magento module:disable [-c|--clear-static-content] [-f|--force] [--all] <module-list>
Where module is your module full name like Magento_Contact
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Re: Missing Admin Module configuration?


i had this feeling this feature for removed .Smiley Sad