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Multi Domains, multi store single install??

Multi Domains, multi store single install??

I'm confused having read multi store, multi site and multi whatever guides....


We have multiple domains etc which are all currently separate websites selling different products.

What we would like is one single install making it easier to manage and keep secure, but still have our multiple domains running their own site, each site has its own theme and its own products. It would be handy to have global settings for postage and payments and a global customer database would be handy as then people could use the same login on each brand site rather than re-registering.

We are hosted on siteground and have cpanel and ftp access and it will be a fresh install. Can anyone provide some guidance as to which setup we need (multi site? Multi store etc.) and how we go about setting it up.

Thankyou in advance, its been a long time since we used magento but feel its the best solution for us with a growing business and brands.


Re: Multi Domains, multi store single install??

Thanks for your explanation...i would suggest to implement with multiple website with single store and store views... you can have separate theme and separate root category for each site as well as allow to setup different domain for each site... Also its works with single installation and single database


Please do let me know if need any more details..happy to help you as well as to setup server and required configuration...i would also suggest best hosting provider which is the best hosting you can use...


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Re: Multi Domains, multi store single install??

@simon_oldfield I would suggest you can have a Multi Website setup with single store and store views.


As suggested by @Bhavesh Surani you can assign different root category and theme  to each website so that they are totally different.

One more thing if you are creating multi website setup then your customers would also be website based ie if say one customer is registered on site 1 then he can only logged in on site 1 only not in site 2 or site 3.


You can easily manage all the stuff on the basis of website.

So for all the website you can have different products, different theme, different category and every website would be different from each other.


Let me know if you have any questions in this regard.



Re: Multi Domains, multi store single install??

Please follow the below to resolve this


You can implement multiple website with single store and separate theme for each website.
Below simple way to implement this.


Let me know if any issues

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