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Multi Site Out of Stock Threshold Scope

Multi Site Out of Stock Threshold Scope

I have a Magento 2.3.5 Commerce application and am going from a single website to multiple websites.

Currently, I set out of stock threshold to manage saleable quantity for my products during campaign sales period.

As I've setup another website and there are overlaps in product catalog, I realized that I cannot set a different out of stock threshold for the different sites as the setting is under the Global scope.

Does anyone know how I might change the scope for Out of Stock Threshold from Global to Web Site?
Or if there are workarounds to my situation?


Thank you


Re: Multi Site Out of Stock Threshold Scope

+1 for this feature. 

When both b2c and b2b stores are located on the same instance, it would make sense to define a threshold to always make sure b2c sales are secured when running low on stock.