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Multi-Store Set up


Multi-Store Set up


First time user of Magento and have decided to build a store on the M2 platform.


We are building 2 stores with 2 domains (.com and .ca) and before we start configuring the stores I am wondering if it is best practice to create both stores at once and add the extensions and data (inventory/customers/taxes...).

Or do we just create one store initially and then copy everything over.


We coming from a hosted platform that didn't have this ability so any answered would be appreciated.





Re: Multi-Store Set up

Assuming that you will have a single Magento 2 install with 2 stores:


  • Make sure that you understand the difference between website and store in Magento, website has a greater autonomy, most probably you need separate websites for US and Canada
  • Magento has common inventory, but you can select root category for each store if you have different products for different stores
  • You don't need to copy extensions across the websites/stores, you may just need to tweak the settings (select correct scope)
  • Some extensions may have domain-specific licences, check with vendors terms to use them in your case (in some cases it may be extended multi-domain licence, in some case you may need to buy 2 licences)




Alex Levashov, eCommerce consultant at Magenable
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Re: Multi-Store Set up



I am witing you because I need to setup the following structure at Magento > default language (ES) and web navigation skipping /es/


I want to navigate directly through domain when default language, avoid the /es/ directory.


How should I setup Magento store views?