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Multilanguage store in magento2

Multilanguage store in magento2

Want to create a Arabic store for my website. So I have created a store from admin panel and applied a RTL theme.

  1. Default store is showing all content but in Arabic some blocks are missing

  2. I am using Smartwave Porto theme for website which have multiple sub theme like demo1 and demo2 so no.I have applied demo5 for my website but when i changed the store from English to Arabic the theme is automatically changes(only on arabic store)

  3. when I changed store view to arabic then again english then it gives an error because of the url which becomes this after multiple switching "http:/localhost/test?___store=default?___store=ar"

  4. Products name and descriptions are not converting to arabic so how to translate these automatically

These above issues I am facing


Re: Multilanguage store in magento2

Hello @vartika_sharma 


There are many articles to create Multilanguage website, you can follow any for your reference I am sharing some links:

And to change products name category name you have to translate all.


Please follow below shared:


Manish Mittal

Re: Multilanguage store in magento2



For your multi-store setup should be some configurable issue you must be able to resolve by following the different article.


Regarding your 4th question changing content to Arabic. Did you already entered or uploaded the content? If not then you have to enter the CMS and Product content in Magento (make sure store view specific). Once you have the content in place it should start switching the content for you automatically whenever you'll change the store view.


Hope this will help!

- Tarandeep
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Re: Multilanguage store in magento2

If you set the configurations right on the storefront, then you should be facing the URL issues you describe. As for the website translations, there is no extension that would give you an accurate translation. You need to do them manually if you want them to be made correctly. 


Here is the link to the step-by-step guide on how to create the multi-language Magento 2 website:


Look it up for the website translation and the recommended multi-language extension, translation module included.