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Multistore - One dashboard with multistore's products

Multistore - One dashboard with multistore's products

I've been checking out magento, I must say I haven't it installed right now but I've given it a shot before a year ago or more.

I'm interested in creating a website, in which I run multiple stores in magento.
I can setup them by subdomains and that's okay, but I need to make so that I give 3-5 people access to a store.

The categories of stores will be mostly the same, so I need to make products from same categories by multiple stores show in one dashboard.
This is supposed to be like a bidding system between stores, for example, the magento checks all the products from "Mercedes cars" and checks the price/rating/time added of all of them and shows them on one dashboard.

I know this can be done with extra coding on theme, but I'd like to know if there already is an add-on that gives similar functions that I've described.



Re: Multistore - One dashboard with multistore's products

Magento is capable of multiple store view, store and website. 

Are you trying to set product price at store or store view level ?

Magento you can set price at globally or website level.


Please explain your requirement in more details.

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