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Multistore URL Setup

Multistore URL Setup

Hi there,


Was looking for a little help with Multistore setup.


I have created a second website/store/storeview.


This is what i am trying to achieve.


Store 1:

Store 2:


OK so i have managed to set the second store up successfully and it worked great. However i then realized there was no way to directly access the store other than using the (Magento Store Switcher in the Footer) which is not really what i was looking for. I need a direct URL.


So i was looking all around the web and all i managed to find was to go into the default configuration settings and set 'Add store code to URL' to YES as shown below... Which again is great and it allows me to access Store 2: directly.




However... When i then change back to Store 1 it appears as rather than just


Just want to know if anyone has any ideas on what to do to solve this issue. Or advise me if i have set this all up wrong from the start.


I look forward to your reply many thanks, Paul



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