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Multistore setup logic

Multistore setup logic

Hi there!


Need some advises to understand the logic of multistore setup. I need to mage 3 stores with different themes and almost different product trees (some products should be available on  2 of 3 stores and some - on all stores).

I've created 2 additional root categories, sites, stores (all store with own root category) and store views and sites seems to working. I made a 3 products in these 3 different roots but all there products only available on default site. Is there any good explanation of the products distribution between stores with some practical examples?





Re: Multistore setup logic

Hello @Dmitri 


Please help to look below shared links to setup multiple store in one installations:


Manish Mittal

Re: Multistore setup logic

According these manuals I've setup


1. 2 additional root categories

2. 2 additional stores linked to these categories

3. 2 additional websites linked to these stores

4. 2 additional store views linked to these stores

5. In the stores-configuration-web changed base url and secure base url

6. in the apache's virtual hosts added MAGE_RUN_CODE for each website with it's own code and MAGE_RUN_TYPE "website".


in the result, each URL is being opened but all products only available under default URL. I will not try to install own theme for each site to make sure it really shows me different sites under different URLs.