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Newbie - configurations to check for handover from developer

Newbie - configurations to check for handover from developer

Hi all,  based in Australia and decided to go with an Indian company to develop our site.  It has not gone smoothly to say the least and I have had an unexpected steep learning curve to get to where we are.  Already 3 months overdue I want to at least get some products on the site over the weekend and be available for trade on Monday.


OK that said, what do I need to know from a configuration perspective and to request from the developer.

- I have requested a clean system a few times now but there seems a lot of rubbish there (remove all the setup files etc) prior to doing a start backup

- what configurations are important (I browsed yesterday and saw settings for country, currency  which I changed)

- CRON setup?

- Remove all rubbish products and test stuff from the db.  I have seen SQL commands on posts that I tried on the local server and it seemed ok.  Do you agree this is OK?


Whatever advice you can offer is greatly appreciated to get through this fiasco.



Re: Newbie - configurations to check for handover from developer

Hi @brandelevate,



I strongly recommend you to pause the process and review the project.


All the things you mentioned are a bad indication of the status of the project, and you should find a team of people or freelancer that can review the code and database, and create a plan for your launch.


There is only one time to launch a website. And it's better to get it right instead of fixing small errors forever.


That being said, I recommend you to review the Magento 2 User Guide:



Best regards.


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Re: Newbie - configurations to check for handover from developer

Hi @brandelevate


I am sorry to say that the project hasn't gone very well for you. I agree that it's disappointing as well as frustrating when the project due date is gone and the project is still no where close to launch. 


I will endorse what @Gabriel Guarino said, it's important that you stop ASAP and review the project. 


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Thank you,


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