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OpenBravo to Magento recategorization problem

OpenBravo to Magento recategorization problem

Hi everyone.


I'm the "new guy" on one project. I'm not 100% sure that I understand the logic behind importing data from Openbravo to Magento, so I would like someone to explain to me how it works. 


We have a problem with categorization and recategorization products. I know that Openbravo every night sending data to our Magento, we have eMagicOne (Mag Manager) where I'm able to check that imports. Imports have a successful status ( auto_import_ok ). But... when I check the import table in our manager I'm not able to see the 'category' field, I can only see fields like "Name", "SKU", "QTY", etc... Also in their CSV file, there is a "category" field.


So... product import is working, but categorization and recategorization not. I'm not even sure that I'm checking the problem in the right places.


In the end, my question is does anyone knows how OpenBravo performs categorization and recategorization, is it going in the same CSV file with products, or it is separated and etc... I hope you can understand my main problem if not, I will try to explain to deeper.


P.S. OpenBravo says that from their side everything is working fine.


Re: OpenBravo to Magento recategorization problem

Hi @stevica_radovanovic,


I can't provide too much details about that but I understand eMagicOne module is paid. If that is correct, wouldn't be a better idea to ask for support?