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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Hi There,

I have recently installed Braintree as a payment gateway and I am currently testing it. When I ran a test transaction on the website ( a generic "server error" occurred when attempting to place the order. When I looked into the server logs for the account I did not see any transaction activity. I am not sure if this is a server issue, shopping cart issue or payment gateway issue. Currently, orders are being dropped.

Another issue I ran into when i integrated the payment gateway onto the website, the styling of the review page of checkout got completely messed up. The way it currently looks, i bet the page drop off is 100%.


Your help is highly appreciated. 

Thanks a lot,



Re: Payment Gateway Integration

So basically you have to figure it out what error is happening 


Error Can be following


2. Apache/Nginx Error.

3. Magento to Payment Gateway communication issue.

4. Error in the payment gateway side.


So you can do following 

1. Check Magento log file(Location: var/log/)

2. Check any error is reported in payment getaway side.

3. Check Apache/Nginx log files for further details.

4. Check your request is send successfully to Payment gateway.

5. Check the request parameter send to the payment gateway.

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