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Price Based on Country for Magento 2

Price Based on Country for Magento 2

Currently, we have 3 websites built in Shopify, out of which two are for a specific country and one is for the rest of the world. We need to migrate these three websites into Magento and need to consolidate them into one website with a single domain.

This is easily doable in Magento. But the problem we are facing is Prices are different in India and abroad. So, we will need some kind of tool that modifies prices based on delivery destination (can be automatic via IP or ask the customer to choose destination).

So Basically, there will not be just currency conversion, we need to enter different price based on the location of the user.


More explanation :

If we have product X. In India, the price can be INR 1000.

For Europe, The price will be EURO 90.

For the rest of the world, the Price will be $70.


So, Currency conversion wouldn’t work. We need a single domain website. We don’t need multisite in Magento.