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Problems with Cache clearing

Problems with Cache clearing

Since I switched from Apache to nginx I have cache problems.
The css files don't get the new version while flushing the cache.


1. File owner is nginx:nginx


chown -R nginx:nginx .

2. Flushing the cache

cd /var/www/magento/bin

rm -rf /var/www/magento/pub/static/*
rm -rf /var/www/magento/var/view_preprocessed
rm -rf /var/www/magento/var/generation
rm -rf /var/www/magento/var/cache
rm -rf /var/www/magento/var/page_cache

php magento cache:flush
php magento  setup:static-content:deploy

Could someone find my mistake? I would appreciate any help =)


Edit: It is a permission problem. Does someone know the right file owner with nginx + php-fpm on AWS Linux?


Re: Problems with Cache clearing

Is the new static content generated by Magento?

Re: Problems with Cache clearing

The commands are working.

The Cache clearing works with the file system owner "apache". (Iam using AWS Linux).

But I don't think it is the right file system owner with nginx?

Re: Problems with Cache clearing

How to check whether the static content is actually generated?