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Product Import Missing Images

Product Import Missing Images

We are currently trying to import a large list of products from Magento 1.8.x to work with the product import of Magento 2.  When we do so, we receive the following errors: 


We have modified the file to be somewhat identical to the export we did on Magento initially. Here is a link to our CSV file, can anyone take a look at this and give us further insight as to what we're doing wrong?  Thank you. 


Update! New Error!

EDIT: We figured out where the error was coming from.  We had to modify the excel sheet to work with the new headers of Magento.  Now we're receiving a new error under validation: "URL key for specified store already exists."  It still goes and imports 100 products, but then hangs up.  Unfortunately that file is still just as large. Here is version 2

Re: Update! New Error!

Hi mikeaccelm,


Here a tip. Sort your file by the url column use the following formula:

considering that R1 is the url column 


insert that formula into all Q column cells 


=IF(R1=R2,"DUPLICATED","") ufkjasasdasddjfl
DUPLICATE ufkjasasdasddjfl

I did a test and I found several duplicated urls

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Re: Update! New Error!

Thank you, that worked, and it now says that the products have imported successfully,  but it looks like it only imports 1500 products now.  Any idea on what that might be?  We have php_memory_limit at 1024M, and max_execution_time set at 18000 for our htaccess file, so I don't believe it's server related.