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Product Import Missing Images

Product Import Missing Images

When importing products via CSV file, I'm seeing that the product images are loaded correctly, however no thumbs are generated - blocks which specifically call for a thumbnail or small_image type instead have a placeholder.


I have tried importing the CSV and setting the columns 'image', 'small_image' and 'thumbnail_image' to see if any combination of these results in the thumbnails showing in my blocks, but nothing seems to be working. 


I have tried changing in view.xml the "type" being used; from thumbnail to image; still no deal.


Lastly, I've also tried exporting my products. I noted that the product image (although imported with the "image" column) is specified in the additional_images column; image, base_image, thumbnail_image and small_image are all blank.


What's going on?? The product image shows fine on the product detail page.


Re: Product Import Missing Images

Have you tried out clearing cache yet?

Re: Product Import Missing Images

yes, have tried that numerous times.


I tried a few different things but eventually found that the image/thumbnail attributes were not a part of the default attribute set for products. After adding these and refreshing the cache, the images started generating properly. 


Very weird that this wasn't part of the default?!