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Product Import never completes

Product Import never completes




We are trialling M2 CE (with a view to invest in EE if it meets our needs).


I can import a CSV with a 1000 products or so fine. All is well. But if I try to import something more significant like 80,000 products then I just get the 'Please wait...' notice indefinitely.


I have increased my PHP's max_execution time to 3600 and increased the admin GUI timeout, but it doesn't seem to have helped.


I have checked the Apache and Magento log files but it's not reporting any apparent issues.


Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where to begin troubleshooting?


On a side-note, it would be better if I could run this CSV product import from the command line. Does M2 have this functionality? I know there are extensions available (e.g.: magmi) but none appear to support M2 yet.


Thank you




Re: Product Import never completes

I recommend also check a browser's console for JavaScript and HTTP request/response error messages: 

Re: Product Import never completes

Thank you for your response, Dmitry.


I use Chrome, and noticed that after around an hour or so, I see this in the error console:


POST…3c2eeb730f0bd2acabb6e756aa396a34636898ebf009b8a/&form_key=fk9ClvwmUR4apka1 503 (Service Unavailable)


It almost looks like the browser HTTP session is timing out, but I have set my "Admin Session Lifetime" to 14400 (4 hours).


I have also since realized that PHP's max_execution_time is overridden in M2's root .htaccess file, but this is set to 18000 anyway, which, again, should be more than enough time.


Is there somewhere else I need to check for time-out sessions, or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Thank you!



Re: Product Import never completes

Okay, I think I found which config setting was (most likely) causing the time-out. That being a cookie time-out under: Web GUI: Stores… Configuration… General… Web 'Default Cookie Settings'. I changed the setting from 3600 (1 hour)  to 14400 (4 hours).


However, this still caused a time-out!


So, I upped it again to 28800 (8 hours), which also caused it to time-out....


I am now very confused. The file I am attempting to import contains 77,000 products. Does M2 really need over 8 hours to import this amount of products?


I know I am only running this on a VM, as we are just trialling the software, but 77,000 products? Surely an ultra low-spec system should eat this?


Any help or comments appreciated.





Re: Product Import never completes

I notice this problem when I upload large files, but the upload does work, that page will just sit there indefinitely with the "Please wait.." notice.  I open a new tab while that is spinning and go to my admin panel and go to System> Import History, and the file is there with the summary of what was uploaded after just a few minutes.  I hope that solves your issue!


After many uploads using trial and error, I also know you need to have your file formatted as CSV (MS-DOS) and if there are any special characters, the upload will fail so you'll have to convert the file to UTF-8.  I did have to change the PHP settings as you mentioned you did.

It seems like a lot of bugs have been resolved over the last few weeks, so I hope you can get yours to work also! Good luck.