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Product Price


Product Price

Hi there.


does anyone know if its possible to do the following:


  • Add a product showing the price it at
  • Also add the price I sell it at
  • Also add tax
  • And then have the system work it all out and display appropriately to the customer

It would be good to know what my actual profit is on each product and be able to see a sales report to show this etc.


I know there are plugins for Open cart that allow this but not sure about Magento.






Re: Product Price

Hi, yes you can add 'cost price', 'price', 'msrp', 'special price' (sale price) - and also add tiered and customer group pricing if required. 


In terms of reporting, natively I don't think there's a report for it - but with M1 there was a module for advanced report and I'm sure it will be soon available for M2 as well (already may be on


hope that helps

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Re: Product Price

ok great thanks for your help!