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Product attribute is gone


Product attribute is gone


I have a problem with a configurable product.


Product attribute in the set. But i dont see it when i make a configurable product.

But others dropdown attributes are fine.

Screenshot (39).png



Here you can see my configurable product, manufacturer dropdown is gone but other dropdown are on the place:

Screenshot (36).png


Here is a simple product and it looks fine:


Screenshot (37).png



Any ideas.



Re: Product attribute is gone


Here is a configurable product, manufacturer is gone and country of manufacturer is here,

and on virtual product both attributes are gone:


Screenshot (40).png


Screenshot (41).png


whats going on?

Re: Product attribute is gone

Manufacturer is your super attribute for configurable. When create configurable product with super attribute, at that time that super attribute is not displayed for the configurable product.


This is the default behavior of magento. You are creating configurable product using Manufacturer attribute and so on your manufacturer attribute is not display in configurable product only.



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Re: Product attribute is gone


Dont understand why "Manufacturer" is super attribute.


So should i create another attribute, foe example "Brand" or is it possible to do something with "Manufacturer"?



Re: Product attribute is gone

Hi @StelarCreed


Yes - for configurable product you can create  a new attribute - Brand (Whatever scope you would like to define - website or global) or any name which you would like to give !


In fact while creating configurable product - you will find button create a new attribute at the top right , so you can create it for the same !

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Re: Product attribute is gone

You should create another attribute with the brand and keep as scope Website level so you dont have any issue related to the configurable product.





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