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Product's Store View not working?


Product's Store View not working?

On my Magento 2 testing site, I have set up 4 Sites, each of which has one Store (with corresponding root Category), each of which has one Store View. (One set of these is the example Luma site, the others are new.)

After successfully creating some products along the way, I now have a problem when creating additional Products: 

I can create the new Product and set the Categories slot as needed.  However, after I save the product, it apparently acquires a Store View scope setting.


It's not the scope I want (nor is it related to the Category I set), and there seems to be no way to change it.  That is, though a Store View chooser control appears after first save, it only offers the scope of one of the Sites.


This product does not appear in the front end in the desired store, presumably because of this wrong scope setting. (Though it does appear in the admin UI Categories page product listing for the category I set.)

What am I missing?


Thanks, Graham


Re: Product's Store View not working?

After quite a bit of wild-goose-chasing, I've discovered the problem.  It boils down to:


Before using the New Product function and page, you must first visit the configuration page for the Site that you want the product to pertain to.


Stores > All Stores > [select Web Site] >


On that config page, check the "Set as Default" button. Apparently that sets the Scope when you then activate the New Product page.  Even though the New Product page doesn't show any particular scope, I guess you're really creating a Site-specific (maybe even View-specific?) product configuration. Only after you've saved that new Product page does this become apparent, and at that point you can't switch the configuration to a different Site.


More at: