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Products in Carts not returning to Default Stock

Products in Carts not returning to Default Stock

Hi guys,


My company is having a big problem with default stock.


It seems like stock is being held in customer carts and not returning. We had a new product with 20 stock, the next day we had sold 11, Quantity = 9, Default stock = -2.


This lasted for 3 days, how can we get idle customer's carts to return stock after say 30 minutes?


This is urgent all of our product's stock is wrong and we have 6000 products. Constantly having to change stock to bring the value above 0 or a minus number so that our customers can place an order.




Re: Products in Carts not returning to Default Stock

Hello @luke_watton 

As per my understanding this issue is because of Magento functionality when product in customers cart then then will not display in the default stoke.

For that you can use the " Persistent Shopping Cart" functionality of the Magento. 

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customer > Persistent Shopping Cart
Please set the configuration of that based on your company's requirement here 

Persistence Lifetime (seconds)

For more details of this functionality you can go through below link.

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