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Products in wrong store-view?

Products in wrong store-view?


i need little bit help with a problem. I use a new Magento 2.1 setup on my server. The domain points to my magento and the htaccess and index.php had I already changed to the right websiteID. I added a website, shop and store-view. Now it shows the dummy content of the "web site" page. Then I added my products via a import csv inclusive store_view_code and product_websites. That works, but I cant access this products via my website. The search will not find anything. When I change the web-url from cms to a category (catalog/category/view/id/201) it shows an 404 error on the startpage. But I dont know why.

I think it is because of a category or product setting.
When I go to the categories administration, i see in "all-store-views" all categories, but when I change to my language store-view I see no categories
But, when I go to a product detail site in the administration, i see the product in "all-store-views" and when I change to my store-view .

So whats wrong? How can I solve it?


Thank you in advance




Re: Products in wrong store-view?



Have you assigned a root category to your website? see step 3 here:


And can you access any products you uploaded to your store in the frontend? e.g:<product id>



Finally have you ran indexers?