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Quantity in stock on Admin Create Order

Quantity in stock on Admin Create Order

We use CE 2.4. We do most of our orders from the back end. 


We need a means to be able to see the actual quantity in stock on the back-end Customer New Order page. This way, we'll know as we input an order, whether we have sufficient quantity of any particular item to fulfill the customers request.


We do mostly B2B and our products can't be backordered as they're handmade and we depend on getting a shipment to be able to sell what we have, so backorders won't work for us.


Showing a count only when under the threshold isn't practical because we don't know what size the order would be.


Some of our customer orders come through the front-end, of course, as well, so a solution to shown the exact stock count there would be important too.


I've looked for solutions but can't find anything. Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you,