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Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)

Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)



We are using Magento 2.0.7 and now we want to create products in our store but we do not know what kind of product we should create in backend (simple product, etc...)


Imagine you have ...

... one specific Plant X

... Planters with combination of different colors and sizes (Planter Small with color red, Planter Small with color blue, ...)

... categories 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large' (should be displayed on frontend)


On category page Small we want to show the Plant X with Planters of size Small with the option to change the color.

(This could be solved by creating a simple product for every combination 'Plant X + Planter Small Red', 'Plant X + Planter Small Blue', ... and then create a configurable product 'Plant X' with Color option)


This is working pretty nice, but then we could have a problem with our Inventory because we need to have each combination of this simple product on stock.


This is what we are looking for:

- 5 plants (same plant) on stock

- 10 Planters of each variation (= 10 Small Red, 10 Small Blue, ...)

When a customer buys 5 plants of whatever combination, all of the other combinations using the "out-of-stock plant" should be displayed as out-of-stock.

This way we don't run into Inventory problems if too many customers order more plants than we have on stock.

(But you should not be able to change or choose the plant on product details page! Only color should be choosable. Same behavior as described above with simple products and configurable product) 


Is there any solution (plugin or maybe out-of-the-box magento feature) to implement a behavior like this?


Re: Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)

We want to go online in one week. I would be glad if someone could  help me finding a suitable solution for our problem.

Re: Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)

Sorry, I have been out on leave - this is a personal "I try to help" space rather than something official, so sorry if this is too late for you now.


It sounds like the planter you have the configurable product done appropriately. Every variation will have its own SKU and inventory level.


For a complete solution of plant and platner, there are "bundled products" and "grouped products" that I suggest you look into. has one discussion that has a few people giving their descriptions. It gets into issues like do you want to make it impossible to buy the planter without the plant.

Re: Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)


Thank you so much for your personal help!


We were not able to find a suitable solution yet... So we decided to postpone the going live.

We also decided to not set up the products as individual products with SKU and inventory. That would lead to a combinatorial explosion.


The next thing wie will try now is to display the products with help of this extension: main disadvantage is that there is no out-of-the-box feature or extensions that allows us to switch the main product image when for example a customer picks a color from a configurable product. And this is what we need to do...


Several configurable products within a grouped(/bundle) product and the possibility to change the main product image depending on the chosen color. Hopefully there will be more extensions for M2 soon...


Do you have any further suggestions for us what we could do to achieve this?


Thank you so much for your support!

Re: Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)

I don't really have any other advice. Magento is designed to be flexible. Trying to find an existing extension is a completely sensible thing to do. But if not present, then doing a custom module is also a very common thing to do with Magento - but yes, with the ongoing responsibility around ownership. 


Our model is not to implement every feature in the core - our model is around building for the most common cases then letter extension providers or solution partners fill in the gaps specific to needs of merchants.

Re: Question about choosing the right product option (simple product, ...)


I have the variation of the same problem.

I have a sofa, love seat and club chair  frame and 26 colors for cushions.

The sofa takes 3 cushions, the love seat 2 and the club chair 1.

We want to count cushions and frames.


I really really need your help and guidance. 


It is like I need a bundle with a configurable child.