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RabbitMQ - Do we need it?


RabbitMQ - Do we need it?

We are getting our Magento 2 EE install set up and we asked our host about RabbitMQ. They say it is outside of the standard install scope and are going to charge extra for the install. The extra charge is not an issue, but I am starting to wonder if when we will see any benefit of using RabbitMQ.


The last host we used balked at using RabbitMQ and said that our website did not receive enough traffic to take advantage of the benefits RabbitMQ had to offer and that it would only add another point of failure.


We are new to Magento so I just want to know, will RabbitMQ benefit us, or will if just complicate things?


At what point does RabbitMQ become beneficial?


Re: RabbitMQ - Do we need it?

Hi @nbirkes


Please visit following urls which may help you.


1) Message Queues




As you are EE customer you may get help from Magento support. 

Or @sherrie may be able to connect some one with you from Magento official team.


Note : I have not used RabbitMQ personally, so it is better to rely on official answer.


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Re: RabbitMQ - Do we need it?

Message Queues are very specialist for workflow, they are used in multi-nationals for connecting disparate systems, there really is very little need for most sites. The reason is that these queues and various other tools like ESB help with automation to increase revenue per employee, however that comes at a cost of implementation and most cannot make a return on investment.


Your employees need to embrace the change in business processes so rather than a hands-on approach, the processes are structured by the architects of the middleware, many employees find this very difficult to work with. You can look at who specialise in middleware, which queues belong to, but they're not accepting any projects as they work with larger corporations, we use some of their tools such as CoreETL.


The end effect of good middleware is to allow business people to manage a process such as product supplier onboarding with no technical resource, however most tools are inadequate at this, the top MQ are solutions like IBM MQ and the ones we use which are derived from SAP processes, it's not something most sites can integrate in to their businesses due to the issues mentioned.