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Recommended structure for our stores?

Recommended structure for our stores?

Hi there,


We're looking into a move from our current eCommerce platform to Magento. This is our first time using Magento, and have setup a base 2.1.10 install.


We currently have 2 warehouses from which we sell from - one in the UK, and one in the US. The key difference between the two is that they ship to different locations using their own stock. However when we're out of stock in one warehouse, the other warehouse should be able to step in and ship the order instead.


Because of this, we're not sure on the best hierarchy. We could go with having 2 separate stores, but then I'm unsure about having access to the stock in the other warehouse incase one store goes out of stock?


Alternatively we could have just 1 store, but I'm not sure if it's possible for M2 to handle multiple warehouses with different stock under 1 store?


Recommendations would be much appreciated, like I said we haven't had any experience with Magento so we're unsure on what its capabilities are.




Re: Recommended structure for our stores?



I don't think multi-node inventory is possible with Magento 2 at the moment. This feature has been requested though. They say it is in development but no ETA as of now.

What you can do is to try one of those multi-warehouse extensions for Magento 2. They are priced under $500 for all I know. You can purchase and try it on. Trusted vendors offer refunds if things don't play the way you like.

Hope it helps and good luck with Magento 2.

Re: Recommended structure for our stores?

Hi @RobbieThompson


You can try this Multi Warehouse Inventory module. It can split the stock between your UK and USA warehouses and works as you described. Moreover, we provide 60 day moneyback guarantee and free lifetime updates.


Hope that helps!

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