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Regarding email from address

Regarding email from address



I need to change email address when customer registering in website and they receive a mail from website. That email address I have changed in configuration but when they receive a mail still they getting from before address. so can you please help me how to solve this problem.


Re: Regarding email from address

HI @pannerselv8543 


Is customer receiving any promotional email or order related email after change from customer details in admin?

Because customer email also save in order table as well while placing order. It never change after change from admin panel.

I hope it will help you!

Re: Regarding email from address

Hi @pannerselv8543 ,


Could you please check which email is associated as FROM address in the below admin configuration for Order email send. Also confirm if you are using any custom SMTP extension for sending email.

If yes, then there should be some setting for the FROM address.


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